Mark Campbell also known as Mach Campbell

Music Genres : Guitarist and Singer : My Solo shows will be a mix of Acoustic Rock and Country , Americana , Blues and Soul . The Originals are from my own CD's as well as my work with Soulshaker ( . Some Highlights are " Rainy Nights " by Soulshaker , which translates well into the acoustic format . " Merlin's Lament" , a Cowboy Blues styled song which details the Arthurian tale from his perspective , and "Saw You in a Movie " , a tribute to the art . Always the entertainer , bringing the elements of enthusiasm and humor . My cover music selection , always fresh and diverse , Intercontinental , and never shy of requests . Kind Thanks . Also plays piano , picking up gigs in my new side career as ' man with songs at piano' . Piano bar . Songwriter : publisher: Screaming Bird Music ( BMI) . Releases with Soulshaker as well as previous Solo releases . I started learning music at the age of nine so that I could play Beatles music . Today I constantly try to articulate what I mean to say into what will be understood , taken into a deeper level of attention than the spoken word . Music is a secret door to the subconscious . I feel that music should be many things to some people . Fun , insightful , but one of the uses that I don't agree with is the tendency of writers to use it for angst messages against ex-loves . Maybe those songs should be kept private as personal therapy . Just my personal view , that those communications do nothing good for anyone involved , or those that observe. Excuse me for having an opinion . Write a song against me if you feel you have to . (But love me first .) Known as the " One Man Acoustic Rock and Roll Show " in Houston ( my hometown) for many years , in an ongoing high output performance that was highly requested . Here in Austin ( a resident of 15 years) , my shows are much more varied and low- key listenable in a wider range, eclectic and in step with the environment . I've turned into an Austin Hippie . Either that or racous , depending on what's called for .

In contrast to my work with Soulshaker , my solo work is more " Americana " , or "Englaterra" , yet still patently my own . I have a background in music from all over the world , which plays into the formula , if there is one . I'm not a music politician , so you will likely never hear from me to get your vote in some popularity poll or another . It's just not my style . Let the music do the talking , I always say . I've quit the 'music business' so that I could make better music . Steve Marriott ( Small Faces/ Humble Pie ) once told me that I sang just like him , and if there was ever a sponsored comment , I guess that's it for me . I considered him a friend , he acknowledged that , being very generous to fans who closely followed his career .

Discography : I made several vinyl 45's from ....... the past , which I won't list here, 'cos you can't play them or find them anymore . 1994 : More Luck than a Cartoon Cat 1997 : Mark Campbell / Soulshaker (CD) 2004 : Straight Ahead Human ( Soulshaker) (CD) To be Released in 2013 : Just Call me Mach (CD) About the Promo Photo at the top left of this page : Of course I'm older than that now , but that photo captured the spirit of what I do perfectly . Of course I love it when people point out to me that it's an old photo . Noone yet has told me that it doesn't look like me , and that's the point . I had to be there back then to get that shot . I showed up . It's like a tattoo .

the worst of namedroppers :

B.B.King , B.J.Thomas, John Paul Jones , Lightnin' Hopkins , Bryan Adams - a funny story which includes Steve Marriott ( a few more funny stories) , Bob Tench , Jerry Shirley , Andy Norris , Ian MacLagan , Ronnie Lane , Bekka Bramlett , Mick Fleetwood, Simon Kirke, Billy Burnette, Jimmy Lee Vaughan , Frank Marino , Greg Guffira ( and Punky Meadows of Angel), Billy Gibbons , Dusty Hill , Randy Hill , Mike Gibbins , Joey Molland , Michael Heyman , Heyden Nicholas , Clint Black , Kevin Black , Brian Black ,, othersĀ  among others . In a field of cane she was , tilling the green crop ; named for a goddess , and lo , she was woman .