From the recording Classic Revolution

The Earth complains , and yet we don't listen . A "Classic Revolution" is the Earth's attempt to remove us through upheavals and cataclysms .


Classic Revolution © 2011 Mark E. Campbell
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Dark as the night , clearer than any conversation
Brighter than light , the nature of everyone's Creation
This is our home , home to a runaway population
'Leave me alone' is at the root of your communication
Here is a sign , be it a whirling lash of nature's anger
If we are wise , we'll realize the cause of all our danger
Where are we now ? Caught in a trap of everything we created

With open eyes , just like a child who's first seen summer
Casting the blame, just like a boomerang ; oh what a bummer
Giving us signs , just like a Cosmic Middle Finger
You are the one who says it all with total Candor
And when you write , you write with everything , the wind and water
We are at fault ; we are the fathers , mothers , sons and daughters
This is the weight , this the weight of our constant spawning
And from the Earth , this is a Classic Revolution
This is our time , this our only warning ...
And if we listen , our only chance to avoid disaster .

Classic Revoltion
This is a Classic Revoltion