From the recording Merlin's Lament

Lyrics :
Merlin's Lament (c) 2010 Mark E. Campbell

When you came to me , I really needed you .
Me and my peers , we were the rough bunch.
When you gave to me the sword of justice , that lightning sabre to cut through the darkness .
Oh , how I turned on you , Keridwena .

You were a golden child , sent from who knows where ?
Me , the " Laughing One" , in the Wilderness .
Oh, how I used you , and your good natured ways .
You came to instruct me in the old ways .
Oh, how I turned to you , and what you could do for me .
I took that Sword of Lightning , and turned it over to the 'Boar of Cornwall '.
Oh, how I turned on you , Keridwena .

When you came to me at the Grail , that sacred spring , where I sealed that cup of wisdom into a cauldron .
I taught so patiently , to that bloody war king ; to whom life meant nothing , who rejected everything .
Oh how I enstranged you , and your sweet stellar ways .
Oh , where have you gone to rightly forsake me ? I really used you , Keridwena .


This one , from the standpoint of Merlin / Myrddin ; straight from the heart , to the Plejarin Keridwena , whom the song is about .

Read the source material here . Many thanks to Billy Meier and Ptaah for sharing this .

Recorded at Boilerroom Studios in Austin Texas , by David Dickenson .