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Mark Campbell ( just call me Mach ): Music in MP3 Audio

Original Songlist

(Mark Campbell)
April 1, 2007
Writer : Mark Campbell
Saw you in a Movie * (*from new CD)
Play Guitar *
Merlin's Lament *
Street Symphony *
One Sweet Smile *
Classic Revolution *
Always think about you *
Strike up the Music *
Life so Sweet *
Lifetime After Lifetime *
So out of Touch *
Rainy Nights
This is how SUMMER's SUNG
Absolutely Positively
While we still have Rock and Roll
Beautiful Morning
Trust your Horse
I'll live to love again
Movie Star
A lot like You
Take it easy on my Soul
Singing Ships
Name of my Game
Captain of the sea
Sunset Grace
Unannounced Arrival **
Salome Sunrises **
Touch the sky **
Piano in the Dark **
You don't know what love is **
Water **
Coffee Driven Thing **
You and me against the world **
Lookin' out for Rosie
To hear the angels sing
The Timeless
South Padre Coast
Time and Place
Beautiful Animal
I Still Love You
Wooden you ?
Middle 8
I wrote an Album
My Blue Guitar
Straight Ahead Human ( solo version)
Judas Wasnt Guilty
In Creation

* many more to be added , ( I do have them ), I'm not looking at a list right now , but from memory *