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Mark Campbell ( just call me Mach ): Links to Friends

Interesting websites / educational

Free Community of Interests : The Free Community of Interests in Fringe and spiritual Sciences and Ufological studies . Accent on the Logical . I would not include a link here if it wasn't beneficial to humanity , relevant to Peace , and extremely interesting . F.I.G.U. was started in 1984 in Switzerland by Billy Meier .
They Fly !
Michaell Horn's well researched proof of the validity and veracity of the Billy Meier UFO contact case is much more than just that . Be the first on your block to get a clue !
Billy for Kids (The Billy Meier story)
Billy Meier information designed for children's undestanding . The future is theirs , why hide it from them ? They will live in a world that we can only dream of, or witness with CGI in movies . Don't think for a moment that the truth will be kept a secret . It's already here in cartoon style animations and easy explanations .
The Adventures of Billy Meier
Free online comic of the extraterrestial experiences of Billy Meier . All true , and relevant to today's many crises . Illustrated by Andrew Towl and produced by Michael Horn .
Al Gore : An Inconvenient Truth
" Is it hot in here or is it just you ? " Used to be a pickup line , but now is an uncomfortable truth . Inconvenient as it may seem , we gotta do something about it . Take a bus , walk or ride a bike to your local movie theater and learn just how far up the creek we are , and how to keep the creek from becoming just a muddy mosquito breeder .
Singer/SongwriterDirectory" title="Singer Songwriter Directory" target="_blank">Singer Songwriter Directory
FIGU Italia . My friends there have linked me , motto grazi . Salome .
Switzerland's Free Community of Interests has an Italian branch , and a very healthy one ,too .
ashleigh brilliant - Pot Shots
Someone rented a skysign airplane to ask me a question " Mark , why don't you put this website that you love so much as a link on your website ? " , I responded by hiring a demolition team to blow out the side of a mountain that read " I did already " . Funny original quotes with accompanying drawings that never fail to ... not fail .
FIGU Italia - Italian Free Community of Interests
My friends in Italy have a beautiful website to represent the Geisteslehre and the important work of Billy Meier . Please take a look , and if you don't read Italiano , there are plenty of visual features . Grazi !
Music Therapists
Educational resource for music therapists . Based in Austin , Texas .
And now a word from Jackie Gleason ......
An Amazing Interview with the classic comedian . Prepare to be surprised .