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Mark Campbell ( just call me Mach ): Links to Friends

Community Proactivism
Raising awareness abpout the number one underlying and direct cause of all world problems today . This word was widespread in the 70's but was squelched by organizations with only self interest and profit , self promotion in mind (and utter stupidity to blame for it ).
Future of mankind - Birth Stop Petition
The concept of an enforced birth stop period is necessary to lessen the already evident symptoms of overpopulation . All of the problems of today start with overpop as the root cause , however covered up and ignored by those that are too afraid to bring up a controversial point . The website is also a repositiry for trnaslations of Billy Meier's tireless efforts .
The Circle for Humanity
A worldwide group of concerned citizens who have banded together to write communiques to world governments, agencies , scientific communities , and universities on the topic of Overpopulation .
The Circle for Humanity
The Circle for Humanity is a group of concerned citizens who are educated in the realities and dangers of Overpopulation . While many people are attracted to various causes of Earth ecology , and saving it's resources , they ignore the root cause , which is , in fact , the over abundance of Humans on the planet , as well as the coming mega-crowding that will shock the world ... after they have all contributed to constructing the gallows of their own destruction .
Cheapest way to combat climate change
Overpopulation is the cause of global warming , and just about every other problem that we have as a planet and a society .
Population Media PSA Campaign
True need and goodf old fashioned USA media combine for the world's first Overpopulation Public Service Announcement at 32 seconds .
the Animal Rescue Site . One click feeds 6 animals !
One click , that's all it took . Very little efforet fr alot of tail wagging . Please take a few seconds to help these pobrecitos .
Health Alliance for Austin Musicians
HAAM was implemented by the State of Texas and the Texas Music Office to care for Musicians in Austin . Thank you Texas .
The Earth Charter
Many top terrestial minds have gotten together to create a system of organizing world affairs in a simple logical manner . It involves Direct Democracy , which is a way for citizens to vote on individual issues instead of trusting elected officials to govern over all decisons . A must read for all educated earth humans .
Kidney Foundation
Please consider supporting research for cures for this little understood disease . Thanks .
Operation Smile
Help a child get facial reconstructive surgery so that he or she can have a chance to lead a normal life .